Marble Mountains in Danang

Updated: 17 March 2020
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The Marble Mountains are one of the most visited and spectacular places in Da Nang. This unique place attracts travelers with irresistible force at any time of the year. It keeps in itself not one secret of centuries-old history.

How to Get There

Marble Mountains are located in the Da Nang vicinity, one of the largest cities in Vietnam, and represent a chain of scenic beauty hills covered with lush vegetation.

Hoi An city is located 30 km from the famous pilgrimage site, which allows you to get here without any problems. The distance from the southern part of Da Nang can be overcome on foot, enjoying the splendor of local landscapes. From Hoi An, you can reach your destination by public transport, which goes towards Da Nang. You can also take a taxi, the cost of which does not exceed $5 in both directions. Those who prefer independence from public transport can rent a bike. A wide selection of these vehicles is presented in almost every hotel.

Some Background

There is a legend of yore that parts of the eggshell, which remained after the girl appeared from the dragon’s egg, contributed to the appearance of the hills. This legend is part of Vietnamese folk art and shows the close entwinement of the traditions and real life of Asians. Marble Mountains is one of the most mysterious places where you can admire the unique temple architecture, enigmatic caves and amazing panoramas that open up to the tourist from the hilltops.

Each of the five mountains are named after the five elements: fire, water, metal, earth and wood. According to scientists, many centuries ago the tops of the hills were small islands among the water. Over time, the ongoing climatic and geological changes led to the formation of the Marble Mountains, inside of which are Buddhist and Hindu temples.

Price Range

Mount Thuy – is the most impressive natural landmark with which the tourist route begins. Due to the huge number of people willing to plunge into the history of Buddhism and admire the picturesque surroundings, the locals did their best to create a comfortable environment for guests.

Mountain climbing has a staircase and an elevator, which allows tourists with children and the elderly to get to the top.

The cost of lifting is $ 0.75.

To see the caves and temple buildings located in the Mount Thuy, you have to pay the same $ 0.75, which is 15,000 VND. Interestingly, admission to the Marble Mountains territory is charged until 17.00. For those who decide to walk through the hills after the specified time, the entrance will not cost a cent.

Interesting Facts

The central feature of the Marble Mountains is the presence of unique ancient temples, which are located in caves. One of them is a special place symbolizing hell and paradise. Sculptures made of marble, located on the sides of the gorge, are symbols of the human race night and bright side

After a steep climb, a tourist can see the personification of paradise, as well as admire the local sights from the viewing deck.

Another interesting adventure will be a visit to the Van Nguyet Grotto, the The Lantern Cave, Tam Quan Gate, and the Riverview Tower. In addition, ancient pagodas are located on the hills, to which thousands of tourists come annually.

Mind your eye! In order to explore the local beauty will take at least 3.5-4 hours. When lifting, you will have to spend a lot of physical effort, so for freedom of movement you need to stock up on comfortable clothes and shoes. In order to see the small caves, you need a small flashlight, the purchase of which should be taken care of in advance.

Some Tips

It is necessary to come to the territory of The Marble Mountains in Da Nang early in the morning so that, due to an excessive number of travelers, not to crowd at the entrance to the cave and consider the surroundings well. At the root of the mountains, there are many cozy shops – both grocery and souvenir. Those who have not taken food with them can purchase everything they need to quench their thirst and hunger. Upon returning, you can look at the souvenir shop, where a huge selection of marble products is provided – statuettes, kitchen utensils, decor items.

Everyone will find here something that will remind you of visiting Vietnam and the mysterious Marble Mountains, where the spirit of freedom and magnificence of Asian nature and culture reigns.

Since 2013, we live with a spouse in different countries, including China, the Philippines, the United States, and Vietnam. I dance, teach pole dance and write about our travel.
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