Doc Let Beach in Nha Trang

Updated: 16 October 2021
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Doc Let Beach is a nice and calm place, located 50 kilometers north of Nha Trang. For its remote location the beach is not very populous as compared to Nha Trang municipal beaches.

The most beautiful beach in Vietnam. Two run along the beach towards the sea
Doc Let. A little paradise in Vietnam

You definitely have to take photos here – in terms of quality and flair they will be the equal of add pictures from Maldives or Bora-Bora. Doc Let Beach is truly a little paradise in Vietnam.

What Doc Let Beach in Vietnam is attractive for?

Warm blue sea, hot white sand, bright sun and plenty palm trees can make anyone take his mind off all routine fuss and enjoy laidback relax.

The coastal strip is about 6 kilometers in length. The water deepens very slowly, so bathing close to the shore is quite safe even for children. There is no great number of tourists, the key guests of the beach are married couples and honeymooners. You can walk along the coast for a long time and meet no one. Doc Let Beach is an ideal place for a romantic date for two – sunsets are wonderful here.

Sunset on the beach Doc Let.
If you stay here for a night, you can see a postcard-perfect sunset like this one here

On the negative side, there are frequent strong gusts during the winter season. For this reason we recommend you to put your stuff in some bag and tie it to a tree. Winds make fine sand jump into the air and get everywhere, so that you cannot shake it out. If you take expensive photographic technique with you, mind to protect it.

There is enough natural shade of trees, so it’s easy to hide from the sun. But there is also a downside – a great part of Doc Let daps into the shade in the afternoon so that you need to come closer to the water. In the winter season it even becomes cold in the shade.

Shadow of the trees on the beach Doc Let.
There is enough natural shade of trees, so it’s easy to hide from the sun

The rest here will not be interesting for divers – local depths are not rich in fish and submarines, you can make out only gravel and sand at the bottom.

How you get there from Nha Trang

There are several ways to get to the beach:

  • rent a bike;
  • get a taxi;
  • take a bus.

On a bike

We recommend those who like choosing places to stop on their own to rent a bike. It costs about 100-250 000 vnd per day ($6,2). Such a trip will be cheap, but will provide you with lots of impressions for a long time.

From the city you follow the QL1C that leads to Ninh Hoa. The road links up with the  QL1A. You take this route and drive about 35 kilometers.  After that you turn to the  DT1A and drive along rice fields. At the crossroad you need to turn left and drive about two kilometers straight ahead. There you’ll see a big sign that says «to Doc Let Beach» with thearrow pointing right. Be careful with trucks on the way, they drive awfully.

Many tourists prefer not to rent bikes because of locals’ bad driving habits and unsafe road behavior. If you are, take a taxi or go by bus.

By taxi

It costs about 400 000-500 000 vnd ($17,5-22) to take a taxi from Nha Trang to the beach. The price depends on the car size – the smaller car you take, the cheaper your trip is. We recommend you to fix it up with a taxi-driver in advance and pay not a meter fare, but a fix price – it will be cheaper.

They often offer a motorbike-taxi here in Vietnam, it is cheap – about 300 000 vnd ($13). However, the comfort level is also much lower compared to a taxi.

By bus

Bus number 3 Nha Trang-Zoclet
Bus №3 goes from Nha Trang right to Doc Let

The most budget choice is a bus to Doc Let Beach. Bus №3 with a yellow stripe goes there (№3 with a white stripe doesn’t suit you). There is a sign «Doc Let» on the bus-top.

By schedule, a bus runs about 40-50 times a day from 5:30 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. Try not to take the last bus a day, because they often cancel it. Travel time is an hour and a half.

You can buy a ticket to Doc Let Beach from a bus conductor, it costs 24 000 vnd ($1). There is an air conditioner on a bus, so travelling is comfortable even on a hot day. Buses in Nha Trang stop at bus stops marked with orange-blue signs – look for them along the road.


There is a village near Doc Let where locals leave. There are not many tourists here yet, so the service is not abundant. You can find some shops, cafes, pharmacies and a flea market.

There is a restaurant with seafood and set-meals. There are also some local cafes on the beach, but they are closed on weekdays and full of locals on weekends.

You can rent sun loungers, beach umbrellas, etc. on the beach to feel comfortable. Prices are reasonable:

  • two sun loungers with a beach umbrella – 150 000 vnd ($6,5) near the hotel and 80 000 vnd ($3,5) near the cafe;
  • a beach chair – 25 000 vnd (a little over $1);
  • a hammock – 30 000 vnd ($1,5);
  • a gazebo – 250 000 vnd ($11).

There are checkrooms, a shower and WC close to the beach, but only those who pay the entrance fee, can use them. Actually, Doc Let Beach is free, but there are some places, which belong to local hotels territory. Here they watch carefully garbage cleaning and the beach superficies. So you pay for cleanness in some way. Entrance fee is:

  • for adults – 30 000 vnd ($1,3);
  • for children – 15 000 vnd (65 cents).

WC, checkrooms, shower use and bike-parking (if you come on a bike) are included in the fee.


Among water entertainments consider a waverunner or a kayak rent. Such  a pleasure costs 200 000-250 000 vnd ($11) per 30 minutes. You can also fly with a parachute tied to a holiday cruiser and enjoy Doc Let beauty from a birds eye view. It costs about 450 000 vnd per 15 minutes ($20).

Parachute flight over the beach Zocklet
To enjoy Doc Let beauty from a birds eye view costs $20

There is a real fishing village in the southern part of the beach. Here you can get fresh seafood and look how simple fishermen live.

In some distance there are famous Ba Ho Waterfalls – here you can freshen up in water streams and climb the cliffs, enjoying beauty of the local nature.

Doc Let Beach Hotels

Any beautiful place in Vietnam cannot do without hotels.

One of the most popular hotels is White Sand Doclet Resort & Spa. There are pools, retaurants, a fitness center, tennis-courts and free parking on its territory. Rooms are clean and spacious. There is greenery all round the hotel. Comfort level has a category four stars and the price for the room per night is the highest compared to other hotels in the same district.

Other popular hotels:

We recommend you to visit this place in the summer season, there is nothing to do in the rain. You better stay here overnight to see the wonderful sunset, take memorable photos and dip into the romantic world. If you plan to come here from Nha Trang for a day, come early in the morning and enjoy the deserted beach.

Пляж Доклет в выходavной день
Doc Let Beach on the weekend
Try to avoid journeys to Doc Let Beach on holidays and weekends. Locals like the place and spend time here with their families. So you risk to find yourself among several hundreds of vacationeers.

Wish you good rest! Don’t forget a sunblock, the sun here is very aggressive!

Since 2013, we live with a spouse in different countries, including China, the Philippines, the United States, and Vietnam. I dance, teach pole dance and write about our travel.
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