How to rent an apartment, house, villa in Nha Trang

Updated: 21 November 2020
Time to read: 13 minutes
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Nha Trang is one of the most popular resorts of Vietnam among foreign tourists. The influx of tourists in this picturesque resort town in the winter months provides a full beach, active and cultural recreation.

Especially popular Nha Trang in recent years, freelancers who in the cold winter do not want to stay in their countries and are looking for an inexpensive and warm place to wait out this time and at the same time to eat fruit and swim in the sea.

The first question that arises from those who come here for a longer period than the offer of travel agencies, is how to rent an apartment in Nha Trang.

We hope our article will help you to deal with this issue.


Before you start looking for apartments in Nha Trang, you need to decide on the area to stay. The map shows the main of them, where the visitors (Russians and other foreigners) settle.

The main ones are the following:

  1. North – it can be called a “sleeping” area located behind the bridge over the river. Here try to settle lovers of silence, but to get to the center, you have to rent a motorbike.
  2. City center – a lot of different offers of housing, walking distance to entertainment, shops, other popular tourist places. There is a lot of work on the construction of housing, so it is possible to rent new apartments in which no one has lived.
  3. the lowest prices in the so-called “Outback”, here just can not do without a bike, and the appearance of housing modest, in the Vietnamese style.
  4. An Vien Area-there are mainly one villas, the place is far from the center and the infrastructure is not very developed.

Resort to the services of a realtor is not necessary if you have the time and know basic English. You can rent a bike or during the day to walk around the area and find the right place.

Room, apartment or a guest house?

A room in a hotel or Guesthouse (from $7-10 per day)

In the hotel you can stay for a few days. Some guest houses offer long-term rent with a monthly payment, but if you plan to rent a house for a long time, it is more convenient to rent an apartment or Villa and negotiate a discount.

Hotels or guest houses have a standard set of furniture in the rooms: a bed, a table, chairs, a wardrobe, a small refrigerator. Guests can cook or warm up their meals in the shared kitchen.

Flat or apartment units (from $300 per month)

The greatest demand in the real estate market in Nha Trang for apartments. They are rented in three-five-storey buildings and high-rise. Everything you need for life-dishes, oven, washing machine, usually available and included in the price.

City center

Apartments in the center are the most expensive. A normal sized apartment for less than $ 400-500 dollars you will hardly find.

Here is an example of a small apartment on the 1st line.

Muong Thanh Center (Nha Trang center), 1st line (50 m to the main beach), there is a swimming pool and a gym:

  • separate bedroom;
  • kitchen zone;
  • living area (sofa sliding);
  • bathroom with shower (shower partition);
  • balcony (city and sea view).

Beautiful view, the sea is very close, but the price is not suitable for many.

What’s the difference between apartments and apartment units? The apartment units are usually on the ground floor, there is a reception, and the rental price includes replacement of bed linen.

BigC Area

Apartments can be found from $300 per month (6 million dong), if you rent for 3-6 months and from $350, if you rent them, but for a month.

Below is just such a variant of the apartment near one of the largest shopping mall in Nha Trang – BigC. The area is remote from the center (5 km), so the prices are lower than in the European district.

The advantages of this apartment:

  • the price is $100-200 lower as opposed to similar in the center;
  • near supermarket bigC (300-500 meters);
  • the residential complex has security.


  • distance from the center (~ 5 km);
  • there are mostly Vietnamese. Hence the noise, DIN – both on the street and in the entrance;
  • the houses are made according to the type of hostel, that is, one large corridor (and Vietnamese like to go to each other’s guests, open the door wide open and make noise that will be heard at the other end of the corridor).

North of Nha Trang

The area is considered remote from the center (as well as big C), which means that the prices here are lower – from $280. Unlike the BigC, the houses and apartments here are older, although they come across good options.

An Vien

An Vien is 6 km from Lotus (see map).

In addition to the rooms in the villas, you can find several apartment buildings with pretty good apartments. Prices, however, are higher than in the BigC region or in the north.

For example, this flat costs $600.

House (from $ 400 per month)

Houses with a green lawn in the yard in Nha Trang’s rarity. Usually it is compact buildings of several floors, with a kitchen-living room on the ground floor and bedrooms with bathrooms on the subsequent. Those who want to save, add up and live with several families in the same house, using the shared kitchen.

Villa (from $ 1000 per month)

Private pool, beach, Parking, free Wi-Fi and other attributes of a comfortable life have Villa tenants, but, of course, for a higher fee.

How and where to search?

We talked a lot about what area to look for housing, how much it will cost. And now let’s talk about where to look for it in Nha Trang:

  • the easiest and most expensive way is to find a hotel and rent an apartment there;
  • the most difficult and cheapest-to come to the place and look for accommodation in Nha Trang on their own (enough to travel to the right areas, ask for protection in residential complexes, etc.);
  • the best way (read below).

Our compatriots (and Vietnamese too) have long realized that every year more and more Russian people come for a long period in Nha Trang and everyone needs an apartment or a house. Therefore, the most enterprising organized their real estate agencies, find housing and offer it to visitors for a certain commission.

Almost all of these agencies have their own groups and public in social networks (for the most part, Facebook).

Utilities and additional services

Since, most often, utilities are paid separately, you need to understand the average cost to put it in the budget.


  • Internet ~ 30 Mbit – 200.000 VND per month ($9) with a contract for six months or a year;
  • Electricity ~ 4.000 dong /kW ($0.2);
  • water supply (water) ~ 80.000 dong from a person ($3.5).

Additional services

  • purified drinking water, the price varies from 25.000 to 30.000 dong per 19-liter bottle;
  • gas for cooking;
  • Laundry, if there is no machine for washing in the apartment. The price is approximately 20.000 VND per 1 kg.

Useful tips and rules

  1. All landlords try to rent their homes for a longer period. Usually contracts are concluded from three months to a year. In this case, you can ask for a big discount.
  2. Be prepared to pay a deposit of $100 or more. But usually the owner will ask one month rental price. Important! To avoid being cheated on departure, keep all checks and the contract (“no contract – no deposit”). You can even record on tape communication with the owner and answers to all questions.
  3. The Fee is increasingly taken three months in advance. It is more convenient for the owner and tenants.
  4. The realty market in Vietnam is big, a lot of apartments, a lot of construction, so look for it and do not stop at the first offers.
  5. Consider seasonality. The closer to winter (and the Vietnamese New year), the harder it is to find accommodation (Russian start to come in September).
  6. Do not listen to the stories of various agencies about the high cost of housing in the area, remember: “who is looking, he will always find!”

That’s it!

We hope that the tips were useful and you will find accommodation that will please you for many months.

Good luck!

Since 2013, we live with a spouse in different countries, including China, the Philippines, the United States, and Vietnam. I dance, teach pole dance and write about our travel.
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