Nha Trang Gyms: prices, contacts, cons and pros

Updated: 9 October 2020
Time to read: 10 minutes
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Everyone knows how hard is to get back in shape after an interruption.  Holiday is not a reason to stop training. In Nha Trang you can find fitness centers for every taste and budget.


We put all Nha Trang fitness centers on a map so that you can easily find them. To open menu, click an icon in the map top left corner.

California Fitness and Yoga

Iron Cage at the California Fitness and Yoga Gym
California Fitness and Yoga

California Fitness and Yoga is the largest, the most prestigious and luxurious fitness club.

The club is a member of the chain which has 22 clubs all over Nha Trang. It is characterized by modern interior, high-quality equipment and variety of group and individual programs. Yoga, dance, kickfit, MMA, stretching, pole dance – and this is hardly a complete list of activities, proposed by the club.

There are the most advanced fitness equipment, free weights zone, cardio area with sea view in the gym. All services, common for European fitness clubs, are provided here: lockers, towels, cooler, shower, sauna.

As a chain-club, California is focused on the whole year membership. It’s not cheap, about 2,500,000 vnd ($100). You can get some preferences and discounts for new club members, as free trial visit, for example. You should have ID documents with you. Club manager will check you in, familiarize you with the club, sort the formalities out.

Address: 4 floor, supermarket “Nha Trang Center”, first line.
Open hours: Mon.-Fri. from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m, Sat.-Sun. from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Contacts: https://www.cfyc.com.vn/clubs-in-nha-trang.html

Olympic Gym & Fitness

Olympic Gym & Fitness in Nha Trang
Olympic Gym & Fitness

Olympic Gym & Fitness club is not as luxurious as California, but it is also quite large and high-quality equipped.

It has two gyms – one is located in the northern part of the city, the other – in the touristic part, close to the night market.

There are exercise devices for all muscle groups, weight and cardio machines, massage apparatus in the gyms. Here you can also buy sport nutrition.

Flexible price policy is an advantage.

The price for trainings depends on:

  • time of the visit (morning-evening);
  • using of weight machines only or using weight and cardio machines;
  • age (there are student ticket);
  • location of the gym.

You can buy 1 day-, 3 days- or a week-ticket. Monthly pass to weight machines costs 300,000 vnd. In this case you will need to pay extra for extra-services as a locker and cooler.

On the negative side, there are too many visitors and insufficient ventilation in the gyms, as it looks like a large hangar that has no conditioners, only ventilators inside.

A tip. The best time for visiting the club is from 8 a.m. till 14 p.m. (less of a crowd).

The club also lacks a place for group trainings. Women consider it an important disadvantage.

Address: 11 Bac Son, 09 Hung Vuong.
Open hours: Mon.-Sat. from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m, Sun. from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m.

NT Fitness

NT Fitness in Nha Trang
NT Fitness

NT Fitness club offers an optimal balance between services and prices.

NT Fitness is the most popular Nha Trang fitness center. It takes three floors, where cardio area, gym with sport equipment and places for yoga and fitness are located.

There are not so many different group programs, as “California” club offers, but the range of services is quite wide: yoga, step aerobics, stretching, zumba, boxing. Probable, there are not so many exercise machines, as “Olympic” has, but there are all machines you need. Cardio area is equipped with race tracks, elliptical machines, fitness cycles. Gyms are not large, but clean and cozy. And most importantly, they are fitted with conditioners and ventilators.

Washrooms for men and women are located on different floors. You can rent a towel. Coolers are located in places for group training only. They offer protein cocktails at reception.

One visit costs 100,000 vnd. Monthly pass exercise machines+fitness studio – 700,000 vnd, exercise machines only – 500,000 vnd.

Address: 6A Ngo Thoi Nhiem.
Open hours: daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Contacts: https://www.facebook.com/NHATRANGFITNESS/

There are also lower standard gyms in Nha Trang, economy class, so to say.

Hoang Gia

Hoàng Gia
Hoàng Gia

Hoang Gia is a sportcomplex with a large parking, located in the Nha Trang center. In addition to an exercise room, there are also place for group fitness trainings, 2 tennis-courts and 2 badminton- playgrounds.

Great amount of exercise machines, weight plates and bars, free drinking-water, locker room with sauna for women, attractive prices. One visit costs just 40 000 vnd. Monthly pass to yoga classes  – 500 000 vnd, exercise room – 350 000 vnd, cardio machines only – 250 000 vnd.

Cons: old equipment, lots of people, prevalently locals.

Address: 75C Nguyen Thi Minh Khai.
Open hours: from 4.30 a.m. till 11.30 a.m., from 1 p. m. to 8 p.m. except Sunday.

Nha Trang Bodibuilding club

Nha Trang Bodibuilding club is an hangar with a great number of exercise equipment for all muscle groups. Equipment is not new, but in pretty good condition. There are no cardio machines here, but prices are very low.

One visit – 20,000 vnd.
Monthly pass – 200,000 vnd.
Address: 12 Thi Sach.
Open hours: from 5 a.m. till 9 a.m., from 2 p. m. to 8 p.m. except Sunday.

In addition to city fitness centers, you can also visit gyms at hotels, such as «Sheraton», «Novotel». Such gyms, as usual, are quite comfortable, equipped with conditioners, shower rooms, saunas. They offer good service, spa treatments. However, they are not very large, have few exercise machines and cost a lot.

Personal trainings

Many people, having chosen the gym, forget about relevant details of training process – right methods and competent approach.

If you have never done any sports, trainings without an instructor can be even do much of harm. Many people start to do exercises without elementary knowledge of safety arrangements and any prearrangement, and then pay lots of money to treat disc prolapses, knee joint injuries, wricks, etc.

To avoid that, turn to experts for help (at least in the first year of your trainings).

In Nha Trang we can recommend you two instuctors: Arthur and Kate (Instagram). They are really good at their job and have much experience.

Contact them and they will tell you.

That is all, be healthy, strong and energetic!

Since 2013, we live with a spouse in different countries, including China, the Philippines, the United States, and Vietnam. I dance, teach pole dance and write about our travel.
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