Nightlife in Nha Trang. Popular clubs and bars

Updated: 7 January 2022
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Coming to a small resort town for getting some rest most tourists prefer long sunbathing on a beach, taking several sightseeing tours, or visiting museums. But there’s another kind of holiday-makers whose goal is to have lots of fun. Having in mind vacationers who consider sleep being their main obstacle for good vacation we prepared a small list of places of Nha Trang with boiling nightlife.

Entertainment in Nha Trang

The resort industry in Vietnam started to develop rather recently, and the small town Nha Trang has become its, so to say epicenter. It’s quite worth seeing both at night and by day.

When it starts getting darker hundreds of lights and dozens of neon signboards come to life. DJs adjust their equipment to make the night especially vivid and hot. Barmen mix their drinks and cocktails to make visitors happy and joyful. The nightlife of Nha Trang can nicely surprise with its diversity even very picky critics.

Depending on your mood you can spend a night at a nice quiet bar with some calm background music or, on the contrary, to dance until you drop at one of the nearest nightclubs.

Sports lovers will definitely get their shelter at sports bars where they’ll find exceptionally tasty beer and lots of TVs showing the matches of their interest.

For hookah smokers and lovers of its sweet haze, Nha Trang has prepared several excellent opportunities.

You’ll also find some places where it’s possible to spend a night playing the “Mafia” or the “Crocodile” games, and It’s not necessary to have a company of friends with you as someone like-minded can always be found at such places.

Shisha Place The Cloud Lounge
Want to play Mafia and smoke a hookah? Easy!

Most of the nightclubs in Nha Trang are open until 1 a.m, some work even up to 3 a.m. and that is not typical for Vietnam. The price range is quite broad and goes from very expensive places to rather cheap with everything in between.

For your convenience, we’ve marked the most popular and decent places on the map. To open the menu, please click the icon in its upper left corner.

The best night bars and clubs of Nha Trang, situated along the shoreline

The majority of good clubs and bars are concentrated near the center of the town. So if you decide to visit all the Nha Trang ‘s places of entertainment you won’t have to go far. Practically all of them are located on one street.

The most popular clubs of Nha Trang are:

Sailing Club

Sailing Club Sea Festival
A beach party dedicated to the Sea Festival
Official page of the Sailing Club on Facebook –

Being the most visited entertainment venue of the town, the club works both at night and by day. During the day hours, it turns into a fascinating cafe near the seashore where you can order a tasty cocktail and lie in a lounge chair looking at the waves. At nights the club throws the best in town parties, and at weekends or holidays, visitors are entertained with fire shows or some other performances that are not less attractive.

Food and drinks are slightly overpriced, but it’s made up for by admirable views and lovely atmosphere. The members of the staff are friendly, competent, and speak good English.

On Friday and Saturday nights at about 10 p.m. you can see the dancing show of the Russian group “The More” or the fire show of the Philippines group.

The “ZIMA” Club.

Night club Winter outside
“Zima” – Russian name for Russian tourists.
Official page of the night club “Zima” on Facebook –

The Zima club (it means “Winter” from Russian) in Nha Trang is one of the places that are most popular among Russian-speaking tourists. The club is situated on the ground floor and cannot boast beautiful beach views, but it absolutely doesn’t hinder people from spending time there moving rhythmically with the sounds of really hot music.

The club’s dancing floor is much smaller than in other such places, but it doesn’t make the club less popular. Professional photographers work at the parties so you can find your photos on the official club’s page and in social nets.

Nightclub ZIMA in Nha Trang. Inside view
Популярный ночной клуб рядом с морем

There’s no entrance fee for girls, but men will have to pay 50,000 VND. A free drink is included as a pleasurable bonus.

The clubs and bars of Nha Trang from the bird’s fly height

Nha Trang can boast many high-rise buildings featuring venues of entertainment on their roofs. If you visit them during the daytime, you’ll see the magnificent panorama of the town. Really unforgettable views can be enjoyed at dawn, that’s why there’s a lot of rush at such places at early night, from 7 p.m. till 10 p.m.

The best high-rise clubs of Nha Trang:

Skylight Nha Trang

Skylight nightclub Nha Trang from the bird's eye view
The club on the roof of the highest building in Nha Trang
Official Skylight Nightclub Page –

The bar is located on the roof of the famous Havana hotel. Opened in 2015, the bar “Skylight” has gained a lot of popularity and is in great demand nowadays. It’s a must to visit it a least once to appreciate its attractiveness and unusual interior.

Night club Skylight on the roof of a skyscraper
DJ, burn!

The entrance fee is paid on the first floor of the hotel and the price goes from approximately 5.5 USD on weekdays to 6.5 USD at the weekend. One beverage is included in the price. It’s necessary to call in advance to book the VIP seats and you have to make an order for at least 100 USD. The service charge is about 10 – 15 % and will be included into your final bill.

The Rooftop Lounge

The Rooftop Lounge
Руфтоп – известное место среди местных русских
Official Rooftop Page –

The venue possesses everything you need to have a wonderful time, including friendly staff, excellent cocktails, billiard table, and lively music. The staff members can speak at least English and Russian, what makes communication easier as the bar is popular with Russian and European tourists.

The lounge is situated on the 5-th floor of the Havana hotel. At Friday nights, there’s a special action and girls coming to the lounge get one free cocktail. The venue provides excellent catering and drinks, while their delicious burgers are worth a special praise. Every day from 17.00 until 22.00, you can get two cocktails for the price of one. An extra advantage of the lounge is the possibility to order a hookah. The atmosphere in the bar resembles one in the bars of Indian resorts. At night hours you’ll be listening to the sounds of some electronic music.

Quite often to the visitors’ joy, the lounge holds parties and thematic events with bands performing live. The price range is quite acceptable and is not going to hit your pocket.

Lunar Lounge

Lunar Rooftop Bar and Grill
A bar with a pool on the roof of a hotel

It is an especially memorable bar with a lagoon pool inside. The venue isn’t overcrowded so here you can have a rest from noise and rush of the streets. The menu is rather varied and includes dishes of international cuisine with prices going from 8 to 12 USD.

Hookah bars

If you are not a lover of noisy and crowded nightclubs or bars and if you don’t like dancing, you can have a walk along the Nguyễn Thiện Thuậ or the Tran Quang Khai street. Here you can come across two tens of entertainment venues with acceptable prices. Every one of them is unique in its own way, but we’d like to tell you about hookah bars where you could smoke a good hookah and spend a pleasurable time sitting there when most restaurants are already closed.

The Temple & The Cloud

The Cloud Nha Trang
Delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere in The Cloud

The owners of both hookah bars are our friends and both The Temple and The Cloud are excellent leisure places. If you want to have some tasty snack, to talk to your friends or to smoke a hookah, it’s definitely the right places for you.

However notice that The Temple has more drive, more music, and dance, while The Cloud’s atmosphere is calm and the food is tasty. In both bars, you’ll get an excellent hookah.

The Cloud Nha Trang
The best hookahs of Nha Trang are here

While having a walk around the night Nha Trang, you can discover lots of clubs and bars that are not less interesting. Every tourist has his own beloved corner where he wants to return over and over.

Even more places of night entertainment you’ll find in TripAdvisor.

We wish you a great vacation and hope you’ll remember the nightlife of Nha Trang for a long time.

Since 2013, we live with a spouse in different countries, including China, the Philippines, the United States, and Vietnam. I dance, teach pole dance and write about our travel.
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